January 20, 2018

Event Time Location
Sign-in, Team Formation, & Sponsor Tabling 11:30 AM Cohon University Center (CUC) Black Chairs
Introduction, Guidelines, & Lunch 12:30 AM CUC Class of 1987 Room
Songwriting begins! Noon Songwriting spaces in Doherty & Wean
Dinner 6:30 PM CUC Black Chairs
Final Recordings Due Online 7:30 PM
Sound-Checks 7:30 PM CUC Black Chairs
Non-Competitive Performances Begin 8:30 PM CUC Black Chairs
Competitive Performances Begin Approx. 9:00 PM - 9:30 PM CUC Black Chairs
Winners Announced 10:30 PM CUC Black Chairs


Hack-a-Song will be held on January 20, 2018 at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA. Participants must download Remind to receive information and updates, and to be able to communicate with mentors & volunteers. Participants should ensure to sign up as “Student” in order to properly utilize the service.

Recordings and Lyrics

Each team will record its completed songs by the deadline shown above. Upload them to this web site, and submit the link for record-keeping purposes. You won’t be judged on the quality of the recording! However, please make sure it is as clear as possible, and no longer than 7 minutes.

Song Restrictions

We don’t want to limit your creativity! However, due to time constraints, songs will need to be about 3 minutes long, and no longer than 7 minutes. Other than that, the only restriction is performability - as long as you can be engaging while you perform your song, anything is fine!