(noun) /hak-e-sôNG/

Today, all day at CMU!


Tonight at 8:30pm, come check out student musicians performing fantastic new and original music that they wrote over the course of the day. Invite your friends!


What is Hack-a-Song?

The Carnegie Mellon Independent Musicians Organization Hack-a-Song is a 10 hour musical competition in which teams of 3-5 musicians write, arrange, record, and perform original music! This is the first event of its kind at Carnegie Mellon University, and one of the first in the nation. On January 20, 2018, dozens of teams will compose, write, edit, record, and finally perform original songs spanning a variety of genres. Over the course of the day, mentors and volunteers from the CMU community will be guiding participants and leading workshops to facilitate the creative process. At 8:30 PM, the event will culminate with a judged performance in the Jared L. Cohon University Center, the winners of which will receive a prize package!

What is IMO?

The Carnegie Mellon Independent Musicians Organization (IMO) is a student-run organization dedicated to serving and organizing the musicians of Carnegie Mellon since 2012. IMO is a hub for student musicians and artists looking for opportunities to create, collaborate, and find other resources. Since its inception, the IMO has strived for one goal: to provide Carnegie Mellon musicians with opportunities to collaborate and perform.